Where's Half Life 3? Gabe Newell Will Answer Your Burning Questions

Are you frustrated that Valve have announced that they won't be at E3 this year? Want to ask Gabe Newell some important questions, like where is Half Life 3? Any news on Counter Strike 2? Well now you can, and he will answer!

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ATiElite2751d ago

Fan "Where's Half life 3"
Gabe "won't talk about it until DotA 2 is released"
Fan "Any news on Counter Strike 2"
Gabe "millions still play CS:S so why make another one"
Fan "how about Source Engine 2.0"
Gabe "having too much fun modding Source Engine 1"
Fan "so besides DotA 2 what is Valve doing"
Gabe "making TF2 hats, Making Arg clues, and destroying all Gamers in HL2 Deathmatch"
Fan "so basically your gonna release Left 4 Dead 3 and make us wait longer for CS2 and HL2 ep3"
Gabe "WoW look at the time gotta go"

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egidem2751d ago


Come on Gabe, give us Half Life 3 NAO, make it happen!

-Superman-2751d ago

Gabe is trolling
He just dosent want to say anything

-Superman-2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Portal 1 and Portal (2)
Half Life and Half Life (2)
Episode 1 and Episode (2)
Counter Strike, CS: Source(2)
Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat Source(2)
Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead (2)
Half-Life: Opposing Force and Blue Shift (2)
Team Fortress and Team Fortress (2)
Dota (2)
Valve can't count to 3
No Episode 3, No Half Life 3


In fact, looks like they believe that "4" is a word.

Valve can do as many games as you want... up to two.

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NateCole2751d ago

Take your time to make HL3 the greatest game ever Valve. Don't mind the winers

femshep2751d ago

I smell an E3 announcement in the the best one if they do

birdy9662751d ago

Did you read the article, no Valve for E3

femshep2751d ago

yeah....they also said they weren't going to E3 last year.....and they showed up....Gabe is a big press hog so if it gets him attention he'll do it

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