Zone of the Enders HD Collection Hitting NGP?

TGH writes: Konami answered a lot of questions tonight, but it left me with one. After announcing the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Hideo Kojima stated that the collection would support Konami’s Transfarring initiative. There’s one problem with that though, they only announced ZoE for PS3/360. For Transfarring to be applicable we’d have to have a portable version of the game available. Logically, this would all but confirm plans for a handheld release, specifically, Sony’s NGP (Vita, if you prefer). Hopefully we’ll be able to pick up our ZoE Collection on Sony’s Next Generation Portable next year.

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ShadyDevil2749d ago

I hope its NGP that would be amazing!

Dir_en_grey2749d ago

ZOE collection for NGP is already confirmed:
starting at 15:00 (but people should watch the whole thing)

There is a Japanese version of this youtube vid and at the same part Kojima says specifically "Transffaring with NGP", don't know why the US version didn't make it clear.

DA_SHREDDER2749d ago

Hold on, ZOE is coming to the 360? This is huge news, why is noone talkin about this?

user8586212749d ago

people want to pretend it wasnt announced for that console

LaChance2749d ago

Beacause MGS is overshadowing it. Never got to play ZOE on the PS2 so I'll play catch up by getting it for the 360.

RedPawn2749d ago

Because people hardly know Z.O.E, and we're in a age of gaming, where shooters still overshadow these these types of games.

It's great he's bringing it back, but why piss and moan about it, when it's at least being thought about for new players to enjoy.

ferelinstincts2749d ago

It would be fantastic if Zone of The Enders came to the NGP

jc485732749d ago

worry about the console release first, then NGP

rob60212749d ago

How about you buy the PS3 one, get a free download code for NGP?? I would probably pick one up if they did that. I could see Sony exploiting this strategy across many multi-platform games.

256bit2749d ago

to bad its going to do better buisness on ps3

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