Kojima Productions: Transfarring Interview HD

Get the details on the new feature from Kojima Productions in this interview with Hideo Kojima himself at Konami's E3 2011 Press Conference.

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heyitsmichelle2727d ago

I wonder how the trophy system will work from PSP to PS3...

MoDyDo2727d ago

May be via the save data, but the concept is really cool I mean play it at home then transfer it and play it on the go :)

LeftPawedFox2727d ago

My first comment! Thats pretty amazing!

MoDyDo2727d ago

Nah nothing you just cracked me a little bit X)

rob60212727d ago

they need to just use PS cloud with wifi, and do it automatically - this seems like a hassle to me to have to go into the game and the menu to transfer.