OXCGN’s Konami E3 2011 Conference Wrap-up: A Pre-Recorded Disappointment


"The first annual Konami Pre-E3 Show kicked off tonight, giving gamers a massive early start to E3 2011.

"Konami had a countdown on their site, undoubtedly leading to kick off their conference…

"… but it was pre-recorded.

"The conference overall was average, with announcements kept to an absolute minimum."

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Proeliator2723d ago

An extremely average conference...

and still no MGS Rising!

kookie2723d ago

Exactly, now its 4:17 am here.

MintBerryCrunch2723d ago

all they had to do was announce a new ZoE for PS3/360 and the conference would have been far from average

TheLastGuardian20102723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

So wait they announce

ZOE HD Collection Series
MGS HD Collection Series
Silent Hill HD Collection Series
Contra Reboot Teaser
MGS Rising confirmed for 2012 Release
New FOX Engine, and mumurs of new Kojima project for 2012
NPG Silent Hill Title
New Silent Hill: Downpour trailer
New NeverDead trailer

Yet people are still dissapointed? Wtf. I'm simply happy for ZOE, Silent Hill, MGS HD collection. Everything else is icing. For me Konami just won e3.

MintBerryCrunch2723d ago

its not so much the content...but the presentation...the presenters imo are very dull...i rarely see any excitement in what they talk about...just look at last years presentation

TheLastGuardian20102723d ago

Well regardless those HD collections are something I've been waiting a HELLUVA long time for. Unlike some people I never got the chance to play MGS, or ZOE, or Silent Hill for that matter. Because of Konami I know get the chance. Maybe that's why I appreciate these announcements more, to say someone who has already played these games. But regardless of those collections, NeverDead, and the new Silent Hill: Downpour looks incredible, and then there's the possible Contra reboot on the horizon.

So things are looking good, don't see why others don't.

XboxOZ3602723d ago

Japanese are usually very conservative, unlike westerners, (Gajin's).

When OXCGN was at a recent EA event with Suda51 and his cohorts, their demeanor was very conservative, yet they dressed outlandishly, but were well spoken, quiet and simple self confident that their game would speak for its self.

Their display was simple, with just a Bike that Suda51 likes and is in the game, and the game on display. Whereas American McGee, who was there showing off Alice Returned, had the whole place decked out in Wonderland stuff, had a real-live Alice wandering around, and was quite outspoken about his game.

One (read Americans/westerners) MUST realise, we live in a multicultural world, and not EVERYONE is an American or of Western decent and acts out when presenting something.

It's not in their nature to do so, just as it's not in some westerners nature to be conservative.

DeadlyFire2723d ago

Looks like awesome E3 event for them if you ask me. All we care about is the trailers and news anyway. I DGAF if its pre-recorded translated stuff.

turgore2722d ago

Exactly. Konami made E3 exciting even before it began !

lazertroy2723d ago

obviously thier saving thier annoncments for Sony,Nintendo and Microsofts Press Confrences


I don't know think they are saving, at least not much.

They practically just announced a bunch of old games remakes indeed, but even that take development time and they still have a lot of games to release up to late next year...

Yes they can have one eventual reveal in one of those conferences (specially considering the NGP and Project Café are confirmed to appear), but I just don't think they have had any free devs in the last year/6 months (remember that a lot of time goes into a tittle before you have something to show) to actually have hidden stuff for this E3.

Konami devs are still working on MG Rising, NeverDead, SH Downpour and MGS Snake Eater 3D (all of which we knew from last year's E3) and haven't had much time since the release of Castlevania Lords of Shadow and No More Heroes Paradise. Also there's the DDR team, the PES team and other few devs that, if they had something to reveal, it's likely to be the yearly sequel stuff. Consider now all the remakes they just announced and you'll see how occupied this guys probably are.

There is no point in making exclusive game deals if you can't develop 'em... And even if they started on such a thing, they aren't likely to have something to show so soon.

It's not like if you could input up up down down left right left right B A start and you get more devs...

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