TGH: Mindjack Review

TGH writes: Mindjack is a new IP from Square-Enix. Something they hope to catch the third person shooter crowd and create a universe. The plot involves having the ability to hack into the minds of anyone in the world and unravel a conspiracy as a government agent in the year 2031. The overall concept is unique but how does the implementation stand up to the story. Does it hack into the minds of gamers and strike a chord with us or does it suffer a fatal system error?

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ShadyDevil2727d ago

Game HAD potential then threw it all away.

DarkTower8052727d ago

Is it that bad? Doesn't a 1.5/5 (3/10) basically mean the game is technically broken?

The points they make doesn't seem to translate to the score they gave. Seems like it should have been a 3/5 from the review. I may pick this up at the bargain bin at some point and try it for myself.

TheKindRoost2727d ago

watch zero punctuation's review or angry joe's review it's that bad.

ferelinstincts2727d ago

Yeah I've been hearing VERY bad things about this game...

SilentNegotiator2727d ago

This review is terrible!!!'s much too lenient.