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L.A. Noire set itself out to be gaming's Citizen Kane. The game was in development for over 5 years and all Team Bondi's work is readily apparent once starting the game. The technical skill in making each character's faces is the most readily apparent. Whereas games like Heavy Rain leave the player with a bit of unease when looking at the uncanny valley of their faces, L.A. Noire characters look stunning. There are times that they overact, but generally the way they emote looks scarily close to real life. One would wish they took as much work to hone a better motion capture overall because the actions of the body at times look very odd. Perhaps it was the mo-cap actors themselves who are to blame.

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rabidpancakeburglar2728d ago

How to find a website looking for hits:

1) Wait for about a couple of weeks after the big game reviews come out.

2) See a website giving an abnormally low score, whether the game be very good or average.

3) Draws attention and leads to comments saying that it's a pathetic review.

4) Hits

Sunny_D2728d ago

Or perhaps it could be their opinion. -_- Because personally I give L.A. Noire a 7. It was very disappointing. Too repetitive...

Bathyj2728d ago

The games at least an 8, repetitive or not.

Every game is repetitive. Wasnt it Cliffy B who said (paraphrasing, not verbatim) a fun game is all about nailing 30 seconds of gameplay and making it great. Then repeating over and over again.

You have to take the production values into account, even if its not your style of game.

I wouldnt give Starcraft a 6 just because I'm not into RTS's. Even a noob has to see the quality of the overall product.

SCW19822728d ago

It was actually someone from Bungie who said that but the quote is exactly right. Good point.

TheLastGuardian20102728d ago

Who ever said L.A Noire was attempting to be gamings Citizen Kane? We've already had gamings citizen kane, it's called Deus Ex...

Pintheshadows2728d ago

Just reading that excerpt I laughed. Where is Jean Luc? I need a facepalm stat.

Headquarters112728d ago

I agree with the score, its a 7 at best. Really don't see why exactly this game deserves anything better. Forgettable experience.

TheLastGuardian20102728d ago

Really? Well, currently, it's my goty. Such a unique experience, and I love the cinematic quality that McNamara has in it's games.

Sitris2728d ago

Just finished it then, fantastic game, I am already over 70% done, but will spend the rest of today to totally finish it, a sold 8 from me, I think this is way to low for a game that is so unique.

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