Metal Gear Solid 2/Peace Walker vs. HD Collection Screen Comparison

Konami has officially announced their plans to release Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and now they have released the first screens showing off the difference in visuals. Showing off a couple screens from Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, you can tell a clear visual difference with sharper textures and a far cleaner picture.

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Nitrowolf22727d ago

wow its so much smoother. I want this so bad, any release date set?

MattyF2727d ago

Only later this year. Likely a November release.

Breadisgood2727d ago

Looking good, can't wait. I've never played MGS3 either so that'll be good to try out.

Kamikaze1352727d ago

They specifically said November 2011.

LaChance2727d ago

Cant wait to play this on my 360!! Especially Peace Walker and Snake Eater :)

I think its pretty clear now if ever there is a MGS5 is wont be a PS3 exclusive.

fluffydelusions2727d ago

Why is everything coming out in November!?!

gaden_malak2727d ago Show
jony_dols2726d ago


MGS was never an exclusive franchise in the first place.

MGS1: Twin Snakes appeared on the Gamecube, as did Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance was also released on the Xbox & PC. And now it's getting HD re-releases on the PS3 & 360, along with MGS3 getting a 3DS makeover

With the exception of the best game in the series (MGS4), it has always been a multiplatform franchise.

TheDivine2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Kojima said he wont make ANYMORE exclusives so YES MGS5 on 360 along with 2-3 peace walker and rising. Mgs 4 was the worst imho, worst ending ever with horrible twists trying to tie up all loose ends and make it happy.

EeJLP-2726d ago

How do you F up something as awesome as an MGS: Collection?

Why isn't this MGS1-3 and Peace Walker HD released with Portable Ops or an MGS4: Substance edition. That would make too much sense, huh?

IHateYouFanboys2726d ago

@jony_dols: "With the exception of the best game in the series (MGS4), it has always been a multiplatform franchise."

epic lolz if you really think MGS4 is the best game in the series. MGS 1-3 were all FAR superior to MGS4 in pretty much every way apart from graphics. MGS1 is the best in the series IMO, with 3 not far behind, then 2 not far behind, then 4 a distant last.

i *might* pick this up, my PS2 was on its last legs last time i played it 4-5 years ago (its a launch model) so if i want to play them im pretty much out of options atm.

Tr10wn2726d ago

MGS4 was good but it was actually a movie not a game, the best MGS is MGS3.

ProjectVulcan2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I would be happy to see Peacewalker and 3 updated. MGS1 was on PC, i still have it although widescreen support and higher resolutions would be nice, as would using twin snakes assets and restoring the cutscenes and audio to the original version. Highly unlikely, i know.

2 was on PC as well and in that case, i played it already 6 or 7 years ago in 1080p. The PC version supports full 1920 x 1080.

3 and Peacewalker however have no HD release. In particular i would like MGS3 to be a good conversion.


LOL @fanboys now pretending MGS4 is a bad game just because they didn't get it, despite the fact it's the highest rated, fastest seller, 3rd best seller, the most commented(google's most researched) and the more relevant to the story in the whole franchise.

Calm down kids... Look at it this way: PS3 owners want a Substance/Subsistence like version with trophies and Kojima won't make no more exclusives. This mean we're now all on the same boat waiting for a MGS4 special edition.

I know you people like to feel entitled for bragging rights of things you had made nothing to contribute, but seriously, you guys aren't even making sense attacking MGS4... Or the MGS franchise for that matter.

If you want the "no more PS exclusive" headlines you should be aiming for ZOE because MG has been multiplatform franchise from the first tittle ("Metal Gear" was released for MSX2, NES, MS-DOS, Commodore64, PS2 and Mobile) to the lates announcements ("Metal Gear Rising" was announced for PS3 and X360 from the beggining).

Vherostar2726d ago

So many ppl pleased to be getting this on 360?? If you really liked MGS you would have bought a PS3 a long time ago.. Don't try to fool people like your excited you only 360 owners don't give a crap about this game coming on 360 you just think its some sort of victory that's how lame you are.

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Man In Black2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

These are fucking bullshots. Neither game looked that stupidly pixellated.

multipayer2727d ago

It does when you blow up a picture outputted by a portable game system. Lets hope NGP changes that...

DaTruth2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I've played Peace Walker on my 46" and it looks f'in stupid and really grainy even though it doesn't fill the whole screen!

That PSP to TV cable was almost a total waste of money! And no dual analog DS3 support for Peace Walker, that was almost the entire reason I bought the damn cable!

soundslike2726d ago

Older games look more pixelated on HD displays because they originally had interlacing as an old-school visual filter

Play nintendo on a an old tube tv then plug it into an HD tv and you'll see what I mean. It clearly looks better on the tube. Same for PS1, PS2, PSP. Any screen shots taken will be inaccurate if displayed on a computer or HD monitor.

TheXonySbox2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

No MGS 1 remake? HELLO Twin Snakes has all the assets you need to make it HD.

MGS1 > All Others

Kurylo3d2726d ago

yea but twin snakes sucked.... it added too many corny things like snake doing backflips over doors to listen to a conversation. Like since when is a soldier a ninja lol.... Kojima had nothing to do with twin snakes.. they took his earlier vision of mgs1 and tried to add shit to it.

MysticStrummer2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Yeah. No MGS1 = No sale to me. I wouldn't want Twin Snakes though, just the original redone in HD or really redone well with the MGS4 engine.

TheXonySbox2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )


MGS1 would be expensive to remake because its all old assets from PS1; it wouldnt look anywhere close to MGS3, 2.

I know twin-snakes added alot; I said it would be easy to make MGS1 HD by using the assets to remake the MGS1 original; in regards to the visuals.

sourav932726d ago

Why on the 360? Weren't the previous MGS titles a PlayStation exclusive? Not trying to troll or anything. But I just thought Sony might have the license to those games or something.

Kurylo3d2726d ago

metal gear solid 2 was released on the original xbox as well. Twin snakes was released on the nintendo gamecube...

sourav932726d ago

Oh my mad. Didn't know that. Thanks Kurylo3d :)

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TBM2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I'll be picking up both collections (MGS, ZoE) for my PS3 since i've played all these games with the exception of the handhelds MGS on PS2.

It just feels more comfortable for me, but I don't see what this fighting is about since people could've played these games back during the PS2 days (before being ported to xbox later in the case of MGS). If you didn't because of some stupid fanboy love/hatred for another console then that was your loss.

Just like its peoples lost this gen for their stupid narrow minded view of not owning more than one console when both are easily affordable.

UnbiasedGamer2726d ago

wow all MGS games on Xbox 360 very coool :P MGS as exclusive is over..Xbox 360 has Snake now. This is awesome!! MGS5 on Xbox 360!!

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josephayal2727d ago ShowReplies(1)
Pintheshadows2727d ago

To quote Firefly, Shiny!

Also because i'm slightly blazed I thought that soldier had a massive silencer on his gun. Turned out it was the tank barrel.

TVippy2726d ago

Cry, bitches, it's on 360 too, LOL. =) Hate PS3 fanboys.

Pintheshadows2726d ago

Good for you but why did you reply to my comment? Oh and it sounds like you're a fanboy as well and you are all as bad as each other.

nightmarex1212727d ago

Yeah from ign they said November and for the zone enders its in 2012.

Agent_00_Revan2727d ago

Finally!! Been waiting so long for this.

WitWolfy2726d ago

I know what you mean, logging into read news like this makes me glad to be a gamer :D