The Future of The Xbox Brand and Shifting Marketing Strategies In The Gaming Industry

Too often we berate companies like Microsoft for being out of touch with what their consumers actually want, for exhibiting an utter lack of introspection. Recent statements from the company, however, have made it clear that this isn’t the case at all: Microsoft is very much in tune with ‘the reality’ of the evolving landscape in the gaming industry. Put simply: the gaming industry is in the middle of a massive evolution, and it's time we started recognizing it.

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Queefy_B2748d ago Show
VampiricDragon2748d ago

the evolution will be microsoft not in the game industry

aviator1892748d ago

yeah, of course you would want that...

Chaostar2748d ago

"moving forward" does not mean forgetting where you came from.

Solid_Snake-2748d ago

MS WIN. getting peace walker on console the same time as sony is amazing.

wedgie2748d ago

no that is a win for gamers. Not just MS

gaden_malak2748d ago

Getting an old game is win?

Microsoft don't make their own they just get old ones? Yeah...enjoy that. lol.

Morbius4202748d ago

It isn't old if you haven't played it yet.

gaden_malak2748d ago

Yes it is. Old is determined by age and/or time.

BlmThug2747d ago

So PS3 Fans Love HD Collection's But Suddenly They Are Not Good Because One Of Sonys Best IPs Is Gone

Tony P2748d ago

Let's see where this goes when E3 arrives. But for the record?

I am not called a gamer because I like "entertainment".

I'm a gamer because I like games.

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