Konami Pre-E3 Press Conference Highlights

Great Gaming Crusade: "E3 is starting early this year with Konami's first ever annual pre-E3 press conference. We managed to rustle up all of the higlights from their presser today."

"You wanted it, here it is. The Konami pre-E3 press conference highlights."

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Lekumkee2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

No offense to Konami & Never Dead but that game looks absolutely F'n horrible. Seriously the game looks bad and not from a graphics point of view(even though that looks like crap too).

Everything looked off with that game, the running, the shooting, the over the top image the game tries to portray, it's like they're trying way too hard to make the game "cool" and "extreme". It's like a crackhead version of Bayonetta/Devil May Cry and it looks like shit.

user8586212723d ago

agreed it kinda reminded me of quantum theory

colonel1792723d ago

WTF with NeverDead?! The game looks HORRIBLE!

wampdog292723d ago

Some of the ideas sounded good on paper, but mostly, you're right on.

Raider692723d ago

Im glad kojima finaly opted for a wide view going multiplatform from now on!

colonel1792723d ago

I wouldn't care if they go multiplatform if the games weren't affected to be on each system.

Hopefully in next gen, third party exclusives return. What they should do, is one IP exclusive to Sony, and have another one on MS console (and Nintendo too). People have become fanboys, and developers have become the most hypocrites. Take Square Enix for example, they said they weren't going to support just one console, but they have only released ONE game on the PS3 in 5 years (not counting EIDOS).

Having third party exclusives return, they can at least take advantage full on the system. They may choose which console they get their games on (obviously not all games would be in just one console) but we will know it will be a quality game (to the developer's standards) and not a s//ty port on the other console.

I am all for having say, Kingdom Hearts 3 being exclusive to Sony, but having Final Fantasy XV on MS, or something like that. Not all games obviously, but I would like to have new third parties IP available in just ONE console to actually know what they can do with the respective system.

I know that cost may be the reason for going multiplatform for many developers, but we all know most of them, at least this gen, went multiplatform becuse of the greed of recieving checks from MS. They didn't care about quality or loyalty, they just took a du//p on the fans and accepted the money.

Also, DLC needs to go

lochdoun2723d ago

Konami and Kojima really brought the goods.
Very impressive and brilliant move to announce everything before E3 in order to get the maximum amount of attention.
MGS and ZOE on Xbox 360, MEGATON!

les_snc912723d ago

The fact that they're on 360 is not megaton, but the fact that they're making them is!