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Wolfie2603d ago

Looks ok but nothing like SH1,2,3 in terms of atmosphere, more like mix of SH: Homecoming and Alan Wake. I miss Akira's music so bad :(

Hoje03082603d ago

I don't know what it is, but that trailer just got me interested in this game for the first time. Still doesn't look as creepy or depressing as the first two games, but looks like it'll be fun to play in the dark with the sound way up.

Pintheshadows2603d ago

It looks good. Like Silent Hill watched the Fugitive and then had an Alan Wake marathon.

jony_dols2603d ago

Hmmm looks like a combination of Alan Wake & Homecoming.

Could be good.

I actually kinda liked Homecoming....

Queefy_B2603d ago

Is this the one they showed a trailer for last year?

Hoje03082603d ago

Yes, and I don't know why you got those disagrees for asking a question.

Croash2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Looks good so far but I'd like to see gameplay footage that isn't fragmented.
Hopefully we'll get a demo playthrough this E3.

At least the game looks good, graphically. I just hope it won't have an unconvenient control scheme as Silent Hill is known for its bothering fighting system.

Also...What the hell is wrong with Suicide Guy?

Edit: Even though it's unlikely, I hope there are a few references to older Silent Hill games. Would make sense with the HD Collection coming. Something like Heather not wanting to check a toilet...A few Easter Eggs here and there would be nice :D

jack_burt0n2603d ago

I like a bit of crappy western SH with my screentearing...

rmedtx2603d ago

Looks promising, I can't wait.

Acquiescence2603d ago

Looks like a big budgeted Silent Hill game with Konami pulling out all of the stops. My mind can't process all the amazingly weird sh*t that was going on in the trailer but one.

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