E3 is shaping up to be a Nintendo show again. Sony and Microsoft are still behind in 2011.

The term fanboy originated in the United Kingdom during the 1980s during console wars between many home computer systems. So what does that mean to 2011 and the E3 event? 2011 Fanboy's could be the make or break component of "E3" for console manufacturers.

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EYEamNUMBER12753d ago

i did not know that fanboy originated in 80's UK
well ill be

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mugoldeneagle032753d ago

Uh, when was the last good Nintendo E3 conference anyones seen? Because it hasn't been the last 2-3 years at all. Possibly even further if you didn't fall for the Wii hype.

I think Sony has the most to prove, while Nintendo might have the best showcase w/ Cafe, and Microsoft with a chance to take the crown if they show the future Kinect potential we all know it has.

But every year I say Microsoft will have a great show and they never seem to kill it.

So who knows. We'll find out by next Tuesday!

qface642753d ago

last year was nintendos show they revealed the 3DS and had new reveal after new reveal
they had the most to offer so to speak

from what i have seen the imaginary E3 crown usually always goes to whoever is revealing their new console since a bunch of reveals come with it

SoapShoes2753d ago

Yeah they did have a decent one last year but '07-'09 were horrible years for Nintendo at E3. They didn't care though because it was selling. Now that they actually have to do something to compete they're just ditching it for a new console.

KwietStorm2753d ago

I thought last year was a great Nintendo show, and I don't even own anything Nintendo. Their entire conference was nothing but the games their audience wanted, and they showed the 3DS. There was no filler.

Nugan2753d ago

The general consensus from the gaming press was that Nintendo won last year's show.

Most journalists seemed to find Microsoft's long, maudlin Kinnect pitch unsatisfying, and Sony's conference largely underwhelming.

Meanwhile, Nintendo unveiled a handheld that could provide glasses free 3D, announced the return of several classic franchises (Kid Icarus, Pilotwings, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby) and showcased more info on several other major titles (Metroid: Other M, Skyward Sword).

Of course, a year later, with Other M being rather disappointing, Wii sales flagging, the 3DS still trying to gather steam and a six month software drought with all of Nintendo's major titles having either been released months ago (DKCR, M:OM, KEY) or coming out this summer/fall (Kid Icarus, Zelda, the 3DS remakes), it's not so easy to remember how hyped a lot of people were after last year's conference.

SilentNegotiator2753d ago

"Again"? What, last year?? Because they had an FPS hybrid with outdated mechanics and a whiny weak female character, a good Kirby game, and a new handheld with game announcements with release dates of "eventually"?

Oh Reginald.....I disagree!

They had a lot of flash, sure. They ANNOUNCED a lot of games. But when it comes right down to it, who released the best games between a year ago and today?

rks892753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

@Silent Negotiator
Sure thats what you think and its your opinion, but in the end, at that time, they had announced a ton of games that had pleased their fanbase. And thats all tnat matters.

Ya, Sony did announce a ton of games as well, but going into the press conference last year for Nintendo, people weren't expecting much. Announcing all the games they did plus the reveal of the 3ds definately helped them have a great conference which surprised everyone.

AWBrawler2753d ago

that is not why they are releasing café. they are releasing it because it ran it's usual 5to 6 years and now its time for an upgrade. 2006 is farther back than we want to admit it is.

AWBrawler2753d ago

Did every fanboy forget last year? Black Nerd Sums it up pretty good.

mugoldeneagle032753d ago

Just that they definitely didn't steam roll Sony or Microsoft for a lead, if they won at all. I do think Sony had the best showing, in terms of hardware (Move) the lineup, which has pretty much stayed the same.

Compare last years E3 keynote to now. The 3DS isn't exactly doing so hot...Wii sales are leveling out hard, and the biggest game I want to see from them is Skyward Sword.

I'm excited to see whats in store for Cafe, I just didn't think their last few E3's stood out

Shok2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

What the hell? Why do you guys keept saying 07-09? You didn't freakin watch their 09 conference. I can tell because you're grouping it with freakin 08.

E3 09 is when they revealed New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Metroid Other M (which you gotta admit was an epic reveal.) Get real people.

I wouldn't say they beat Sony's conference but it was still a pretty good conference.

EDIT: The author is using the word "again" because it WAS Nintendo's show last year. Cmon people, 3DS unveiling and then exclusive after exclusive after exclusive. Isn't that EXACTLY what Sony's gonna do this year? EXACTLY lol. How hypocritical.

mugoldeneagle032751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I don't expect you or anyone to read this still, since I just saw it now, but your saying 09 killed because of 3 exclusive games?

And just because Sony's releasing their new handheld this E3 doesn't make it exactly like Nintendo's. Especially since aside from 3D, DStore, Street Pass, and a few other small features, its the EXACT same handheld with sub par graphics like the 5 other iterations.

PS Vita is a completely different system than the PSP. Cartridges, 3G, Dual Analog sticks, touch pads, OLED screen, and not to mention Transfarring which could revolutionize handhelds if Sony handles things right...

Thinking it's going to be anywhere close to Nintendos show from last year is delusional....Sony has the most to prove out of all 3 companies after the PSN debacle, and if you don't think they're going to come out guns blazing then idk what to say.

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MagicGamer2753d ago

Actually they are the backbone of each Manufacturer and this years 2011 report card for the accountants.

SpaceSquirrel2753d ago

It should another fun event this year.

TheCrazyMerc2753d ago

Really? I'm still thinking that Sony will take the show, but I am interested in Nintendo's Project Cafe and its capabilities.

MagicGamer2753d ago

Nintendo is coming at this one with absolute insanity. I don't play the Wii, but I can see how they are leading the industry so quietly.

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