Kojima teases new title, game engine

Get a first look at Hideo Kojima's new game engine and some points about his upcoming project.

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thrasherv32750d ago

Holy shit, will this replace Crysis?

Kon2750d ago

Cryengine 3 was supposed to do that...

Nitrowolf22750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

there a horse. Only thing that comes up instantly that i've seen a white horse/jungle theme from Kojima is this

skip to 2:50
I mean its a horse and its nearly identical from color to even the saddle

lil Titan2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

the engine will be multi platform NOT Kojima new game

Breadisgood2750d ago

Pretty sure he said it was his next game...

M4I0N32750d ago

its called the Fox Engine, he hopes to create future multiplatform titles out of it. Could potentially extend to all portable devices in future.

Istanbull2750d ago

MGS5 exclusive on PS3/PS4


shikamaroooo2750d ago

Kojima's new unannounced game will be multiplatform and transfarring enabled.

straight from ps3blog's live konami blog

evrfighter12750d ago

the guys desperately needs a new hit IP.

I don't believe he can do it. Metal Gear is all he's able to do.

AAACE52750d ago

You must have missed the part where it says they plan on going multiplat with future games!

EYEamNUMBER12750d ago

deny deny deny and hope it isn't true that is what most people here do

Max_Dissatisfaction2750d ago

Make believe...otherwise known as pretend. Going to pretend the engine isn't for multiplatform game development? Going to pretend MGS HD collection also coming to 360 or gonna pretend you don't care?

crazyturkey2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

So the new game is not another MGS game. Is multiplatform, which seems to be more to showcase the engine for developers to buy. and seems to be set in a jungle.Looks good, I hope we get to see a trailer in one of the big press conferences.

Dart892750d ago

A New engine i'm very intrigued.

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The story is too old to be commented.