Zone of the Enders "Transfarring" to PSP or NGP?

IGN: As part of its 2011 Pre-E3 Show, Konami and videogame maestro Hideo Kojima announced a cool little feature called "Transfarring", where console and portable versions of games can exchange save files to let gamers take their play session anywhere they want. Start the game on the big HD screen, hit "Transfarring" to move over your save, and continue the game on your PSP or NGP. This functionality is currently exclusive to PlayStation versions of games that carry the "Transfarring" logo.

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kratos1232751d ago

Can I assume that why are getting a new zone of the enderz . Please be true

Istanbull2751d ago

yaz "why" are getting zone of the enderZ :')

Anarki2751d ago

Damn, ZoE+Current Gen graphics+Cell = winnage. Please make it happen, Kojima.

mugoldeneagle032751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Knew Kojima would be there in some way shape or form. Guess this confirms my Vita purchase day 1.

kratos1232751d ago

Sorry Dude auto correction , I'm typing this with me phone

soljah2751d ago

both versions of the game, ps3 n portable must be on the disk. there is no portable zoe that i know of. i think all you need to do is own a psp or ngp and buy the ps3 disc that lets u transfer back n forth.

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Shok2751d ago

Next to a new Starfox and F-Zero, I want a new ZoE. The gameplay and the universe in ZoE is just way too epic to NOT have a sequel on the PS3.

subtenko2751d ago

I thought it said transforming NGP, I was like wtf!? First starhawk, now the NGP transforms? (possibly to make it more compact) oh well...maybe ps4 will do it

DA_SHREDDER2751d ago

Okay, so Hideo just single handedly saved my love for the playstation brand, just when i about gave up on the ps3 Mr. Kojima let off the best news since GOW3 finally arrived on the ps3. Even if ZOE only comes in the HD collection I'm finally contempt with this gen.

jack_burt0n2751d ago

I dont get it, is transfaaring basically a way to get ppl to get the same game twice!?!

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