Final Dungeon Siege III Trailer Gets You Pumped for Your Return to Ehb

We've seen a whole slew of trailers over the past few months for the upcoming dungeon crawler, but Square-Enix has one more up their sleeve. Get pumped up for your return to Ehb with this final trailer before the game launches in a few weeks.

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rmoar2727d ago

Looking good, I'm excited.

honestpizza2727d ago

I sooo mad this game got delayed. I could be playing it right now!

jesscamegan2727d ago

Great post! This game looks incredible :) Worth the wait? Def seems like it

JsonHenry2727d ago

I hope the PC version is heads and shoulders better than the 360 demo I played or I am sitting this one out. Which would be sad because I really wanted this game to be good.

MidnytRain2727d ago

Why would the PC version be much different?

JsonHenry2727d ago

Other than better graphics, I shouldn't be much different. But that still makes my point. I was hoping this was going to be a good game but it is mediocre at best judging by the 360 demo.