G4- Saints Row: The Third Story & Gameplay Preview

G4: "Dildo bat? Check. A car capable of turning people into human cannonballs? Check. Engaging in a shootout while riding a helicopter-hoisted bank vault? Double check.

The only game that could ever feature these elements? You guessed it: THQ’s latest open-world absurdity factory, aka Saints Row: The Third. Volition’s follow up to the top-to-bottom bananas Saints Row 2 aims to push the sophomoric, blithely bizarre formula established in the first two titles to its absolute limits, and from what we saw at THQ’s recent pre-E3 showcase, there is no doubt the developers are well on track to do it."

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Hazmat132726d ago

Saints Row 3 All Saints Day. lol get it? anybody? no? sorry....

YodaCracker2726d ago

Please let the cars actually have weight or even the slightest sense of realism this time around. No archaic PS2 driving physics!

showtimefolks2726d ago

the most AAA games ever and i been playing games for over 20 years.

witcher 2
saints row 3
resistance 3
twisted metal
darkness 2
uncharted 3
MGS2,3 and pw in HD november 2011
batman 2
gears 3
forza 4

damn we all gonna be broke or some games will have to wait till Q2 2012

too many games too little time too many bills lol