GamesRadar- E3 2011: Batman: Arkham City - Hands-on with the Bat and the Cat

GamesRadar: "Batman: Arkham City – sequel to Arkham Asylum, winner of our 2009 Platinum Chalice Game of the Year – spends zero time throwing you into a mix of new and old. The surprising prologue is set in Arkham City's courthouse, where you'll begin the game playing – nay, owning – as Catwoman. We noticed nothing different in the button placement from the previous game; X to attack, A to evade, B to stun and Y to counter. And if you remember Asylum's combat being fluid, fast and fun, then you'll be eager to hear just how awesome it was to utterly destroy thugs as Catwoman.

Of course, Catwoman doesn't have the same overpowering brawling animations as the Caped Crusader. Her controls feel slightly looser than the nimble tank that Batman is, yet her responsiveness doesn't feel compromised at all. It felt comfortable slipping back into the old controls."

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