New Syndicate to be an FPS

The new Syndicate game thought to be in development at Starbreeze will reinvent Bullfrog's top-down classic as a first person shooter, so say insider sources.

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RedPawn2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


Plese don't mess this up.

Yi-Long2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

... but we'll wait and see how this will turn out.

Remember all the people who were upset years ago about a certain top-down game-series going third-person 3D?!?

It's name? Grand Theft Auto!

BlackTar1872749d ago

GTA didn't got FPS though FPS has some cool things about it but it pretty much eliminates certain things and makes others harder.

Yi-Long2749d ago

... I probably should have used Fallout 3 as an example... ;)

BlackTar1872749d ago

No problem that is a good example. i love fallout 1-2 and then 3 and NV so good one and you got me.

BlackTar1872749d ago

seriously please don't ruin a great memories like all the Xcom's did after terror from the deep.

Dark_Overlord2749d ago


I f***ing knew they'd pull the same crap they did with XCOM


Saryk2749d ago

It blows my mind that they do this. X-com was a tactical strategy game so was Syndicate. Why change it to a FPS? Hell just make a FPS and call it something else...............

SixShotCop2749d ago

If they can pull off a Fallout, i'll be a very happy man. The original game was pure awesomeness.

franwex2749d ago

I trust Starbreeze. They have proven themselves in the past. I'm sure they'll be able to pull off something awesome even with all the trouble they have been having lately.

Plus when Retro Studios took Metroid FPS everyone was upset too. So not ALL FPS conversions are bad.

jbiz3302749d ago

this would work sooooo much better as a squad based Third Person Shooter..

Im sick of FPS games tbh.

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