CD Projekt Summer Conference Breakdown

A news round-up of the big news from CD Projekt, including Witcher 2 for consoles and EA joining

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Nicolee2723d ago

wow good news for xbox360 and im looking forward to 1.2 patch tomorrow.

bjh0892723d ago

i wonder if they are gonna fix the shadows issue. i hard its supposed to be grainy like they are but idk its kinda annoying

Nicolee2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

i actually heard about shadows issue but i don't have that problem tho. maybe depend on driver or your graphic card too ? but im sure they will have patch out for that . have you contact them through support page ? i have done when i got crashed out to desktop every 10-20mins randomly and they fixed that on patch 1.1 . if you have not done it yet then better just send them commend on support page ,im sure they will look into it ( or try to update lastest graphic card driver that might sort the problem )

undercovrr2723d ago

I hope Witcher 2 comes for ps3 as well. A guy can hope!. Anyways, if MS manages to secure Witcher 2 console exclusivity even for this year, it could only massively help their lineup. Good for 360 owners with a crappy pc as well!

lochdoun2723d ago

Not "consoles"; that's "console", singular. ;]

sarshelyam2723d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. least I have something to buy on my Xbox now.

pr0digyZA2723d ago

I am sure the PS3 version is coming, will probably come next year, as they focus on one project at a time. I want to check out these hairstyles. Already on my second play through. Word of warning to 360 players, read wiki and learn the story so that you know what is going on. I played the first game and still was a little confused (although everything makes sense by the end and in second playthrough).