Aliens Colonial Marines Extended Trailer With Gameplay

Bone-idle Writes "But thanks to our eagle eyed readers this link has been found and shows an extended version of the that trailer which gives a very quick glimpse of some gameplay too"

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DA_SHREDDER2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

This game is really real?

BoneIdle2727d ago

Hopefully my nerves are at me though :) hope it does get released it will be brilliant. Should have been made ages ago hope it worth the wait.

Dlacy13g2727d ago

Very excited for this one. Looks like they are nailing the movie vibe.

GamerSciz2727d ago

The gameplay looks legit and good. I am excited now to see some fluent footage from E3 hopefully. By the way the Hostname is "FATHER". Or if you want to download the video directly just click the link below.

hetz152727d ago

Looks awesome. I approve this. Also curious with the one Creative Assembly is currently making

CommonCent2726d ago

*** Movie Spoiler ***

Wouldn't Hadley's Hope be a giant crater?

Rhezin2726d ago

That's freakin amazing, as a die hard fan of the series, I CANNOT wait for this game any longer. GOTY for me.

Morbius4202726d ago

I'd agree with youa million times if I could.