[VVGtv] Avatar Legends XBLIG Review

From the independent XNA Development team Barkers Crest comes one of the most compelling Xbox Indie RPG adventures yet: Avatar Legends is a milestone in XBLIG's everywhere.

With extraordinary graphics that mirror graphics seen in some retail original Xbox games, Avatar Legends provides 10+ hours of gameplay content with expansive RPG features and more.

Players can also enjoy online multiplayer with up to six players over Xbox Live in a team deathmatch setup where players work as a team to slay hordes of monstrous enemies.

Avatar Legends is now available on the XBLIG Marketplace for 240 MSP ($3).

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Dlacy13g2700d ago

This is a nice little indie title. Its not perfect but its a very good use of Avatars in game, and has what appears to be some really great RPG trappings. All for $3 aint too bad.

Redgehammer2700d ago

Off to Dl this right now.

wwm0nkey2700d ago

Great game, and you guys should totally look for me in the main Single Player story :D

romancer2699d ago

a rating of 5/5 is a bit on the high side -- even though this game is a welcome addition to the Indie game collection.

you might note that it offers no achievements (not sure why); and. for myself, despite my avatar playing the central character, i never felt that it was involving as a RPG: Sometimes I had to enhance a characteristic (say speech) whether i felt like it or not, simply to complete certain missions...

but given the price, it's good value (not in Torchlight or Limbo territory, though).

Emmo2698d ago

The only RGP maker on the Xbox, 5 out of 5 is fair

romancer2698d ago

Granted, I am not likely to use the RPG editing tools and perhaps not even Multiplayer. Remains to be seen. Perhaps I tended to underestimate the game in both of those respects.

However i disliked the repetitive combat play; never really felt like genuine combat at all; sometimes i would get skeletal archers shooting at me while they were positioned on top or on the side of hills that i could not climb. And i really disliked the Hatfield/McCoy portion with all that silly play on names and the to-and-fro mechanics of the mission. But I do like the Zeldaesque vibe of much of the rest. Haven't quite figured out how to cope with battles such as in Dead Town where a lot of respawning of enemies takes place. Such battles are hard to win and yet they don't really engage me. I'll upgrade my character and try again.....

Still the bottom line is indisputable: for the price there is a lot of game entertainment here.