Geoff: Tomb Raider will "make some waves"

Geoff has certainly got himself a figure for hyping up future games for the industry. As he is starting to hype up Tomb Raider.

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movements2750d ago

It should.. I miss Lara.

Who2750d ago

Just a few more hours, can't wait to see this much-hyped trailer. I like the survival theme of this reboot. The last few Tomb Raider titles were good, but not great, I'm glad the series has grown up a bit.

KingDustero2750d ago

Since it is all CG I'm not looking forward to the trailer at all.

I haven't decided on whether I'll get the game or not though yet. Once I see actual gameplay is when I'll make my decision.

CG trailers do nothing for me at all. I don't waste my time watching them anymore.

Nate-Dog2750d ago

Really looking forward to seeing some footage and hearing some more news on this. Maybe I shouldn't hope so much with Squeenix behind the scenes but it's got potential, just hope they make the right moves with it.

Kon2750d ago

So it will involve the ocean..

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