Hey Square! Remake Final Fantasy VII Already

GP blogger, IWX writes, "Ok Square, I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt over the years. Just waiting biding my time when I could cry out in triumph that there would be a remake of Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation 3. But no, you continue to skirt the questions and waste time, money, development and man power on sub par games that tank. Are you afraid of actually making money again? I remember a time when I heard Square Presents “THIS GAME” and I would be ready to slap my money down blindly to preorder the title. However, I can’t even remember the last time a game was released by Square that I even considered preordering. All I’m asking for is a restoration of confidence. I know you don’t mind remaking games because I have been seeing tons of classics flying out on handhelds and even the iPhone at this point! So why not Final Fantasy VII?"

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Kon2722d ago

No! They would ruin it!

MintBerryCrunch2722d ago

hej Square!! remake FF VII and disappoint millions of gamers in the process

there is demand for the remake....but how many will actually like what SE will do to the game to make it "next-gen"

Dragun6192722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I agree, I mean, the state SE is in? Mindjack, Front Mission Evolved, FFXIV, Star Ocean 4, even the cancelled Gun Loco. I dunno if I would want the SquareEnix right now to remake FF7.

How about SE just focus on fixing all the criticisms from FFXIII for FFXIII-2, FFXIV, and developing FFXIII Versus and FF Type 0 first?

limewax2722d ago

Well I am not sure about the rest, But Star Ocean is not actually a SquEnix game. Its Tri-Ace and published by SE. I agree they are slipping, However its good to remember they are a VERY large scale publisher and as such will publish a lot of poor games.

However they publish some really good ones too. Just Cause 2 was fantastic, And the new Tomb Raider and Hitman are a great addition to their roster, Publishing is a double edged sword. I really hope these games give them the needed eye-opener as to what gamers want

Perjoss2722d ago

i agree, why not instead make an RPG thats even better than FFVII, I dare you in fact :)

hay2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Maybe they aren't doing it 'cause they're afraid they mess it up? SE messes up quite a lot lately.

Breadisgood2722d ago

All I want them to do is release the exact same game with awesome graphics.

Don't start messing around with new battle systems or any of that bs because it will likely be dire like everything else they seem to be messing up these days.

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Shadow Flare2722d ago

You literally said what I was about to say

I'm playin through FF7 again at the moment. Looking at squares recent games, if they remade FF7, they will ruin it. Theyll ruin the combat, add Leona Lewis to the soundtrack, make it ridiculously stylised instead of gritty, they'll just ruin something. And judging by squares attitude at the moment of "it would take 20 years to remake FF7" they're not the same company as squaresoft. They have no right to remake FF7

Troll-without-Bridge2722d ago

Have you ever played a Square enix remake? They are awesome and they dont change the original product.

Redempteur2722d ago

you're referring to ports ?

if you've played the REMAKES ( FF3 DS , or FF4 DS ) you'll see that they changed things ( for the better in most cases but they changed things )

The others releases are ports , not remakes

Shadow Flare2722d ago

If I'm thinking of the titles your thinking of, they aren't really remakes. The FF games on DS and PSP and the like are more like ports with some enhancements. People aren't asking for that with FF7. Theyre literally asking for a complete overhaul with complete ps3 graphics, completely remade from the ground up. It has the potential in my opinion of becoming the greatest game ever. I say that just because FF7 is my favourite game. But I truly believe square enix will ruin the game if they remake it. I don't want them to remake it. Playing FF7 again, the overwhelming feeling I get when I play it is "this is the best game in the world". If a faithful and excellent remake could be achieved, I'd want it. But I don't believe square enix can deliver it

Butt0n_m4sher2722d ago

More like remake FF6 the TRUE BEST FINAL FANTASY

Xof2722d ago

More like remake V, VI, VII and VIII. Every other game has a nice remake, or is new enough that it looks good enough as is.

Peaceful_Jelly2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

opinions, opinions... FFXIII is the true best FF. Anyway, between all the Square games FFVII aged the worst. Even Secret of Mana is still playable but FFVII hurts your eyes with the really low poly characters and low res backgrounds.

This was on freaking Snes and it looks better than FFVII!!! Treasure Hunter G, one of the ultra hidden gems of Square that never came out to the west due to its late release in the dying years of the Snes.

FiftyFourPointTwo2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

You forgot to put /s

I agree with Butt0n_M4sher. FFVI is the greatest of em all.

richierich2722d ago

If SquareEnix actually listened to their fans and made a FF7 remake Im sure they would make a major come back in the games industry. But when was the last time they listened to their fans?

Focker4202722d ago


So you can b*tch and moan that it wasn't as good as the original?? All that would happen is everyone would hate it because it wasn't what their personal vision of what the remake should've been.

limewax2722d ago

Maybe not? The biggest problem has been dealt with, all characters were already given a voice in advent children, So from there its just sticking with the art direction and finding a way to fit it on a console in glorified HD. The last big problem is world map, it would need a major overhaul but more likely is not plausible in todays game

user8586212722d ago

Yes plzz remake the overhyped final fantasy

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