THQ CEO Admits Discussions with Developers Over IP Ownership Get 'Emotional'

THQ, unlike its competition, insists on owning all the IP it publishes. THQ's Core Games boss Danny Bilson previously told IndustryGamers that he had "serious conversations" with Jason West and Vince Zampella (former Infinity Ward heads), but the IP ownership was a deal-breaker. This same stance no doubt precluded signing any deals with the likes of Bungie or Insomniac, who signed with Activision and EA, respectively.

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donniebaseball2751d ago

I'm surprised that developers would sign with THQ given that they won't ever allow studios to own IP.

Ducky2751d ago

Hmm, since when did they start this IP-ownership rule?

I recall the first Stalker game being published by THQ, and it's sequels (or expansions) have different publishers.