Project Orapa is the New Xbox LIVE Diamond Service with IPTV

GPT: "Project Orapa - the long talked about IPTV and XBL mash-up is set to be unveiled at E3. Even better news, we won't have to wait long for the release of the Orapa. Microsoft is planning to have IPTV in gamer's homes by the end of this year with a target date of November 15th.

There is a hitch though. Orapa won't be free."

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VG_Releaser2604d ago

Asking for more money. Surprised? Not really

GunShotEddy2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Because IPTV should be free? Is PS Plus free? It's called "extras" and they cost EXTRA.

Nitrowolf22604d ago

If the monthly sub(i'm assuming it'll be monthly) is cheaper then cable/satelite and supplies about same amount of channel then it could be a good thing i suppose.
Only issue is for those who have more then one TV (families) then i don't see this being anything to benefit off of.

Godmars2902604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Chances are it'll require a specific cable/satellite provider who has to be paid in addition and separately. Just like ESPN.

My question is will this service be separate, require Gold or just absorb Gold into it. Also expecting costs to be more monthly than yearly based.

AAACE52604d ago

There's a catch! You have to have cable with some providers. I cancelled my cable earlier this year with Time/Warner and am unable to use ESPN3!

So unless they have figured something out with these companies, the same thing may happen.

Grown Folks Talk2604d ago

It appears they may be integrating it directly into Xbox Live. No need to have AT&T U-Verse or whichever company to partner with. Looks like they are going for a TV/Music/Kinect/Social combo with it.

Word of Microsoft dealing with content providers has been around for a while, & they partnered with DirecTv some time ago. I don't watch a ton of shows, but if I can get my sports, especially NFL Direct Ticket & College Gameplan through Live, i'm down.

gamingdroid2604d ago

I don't think cancelling your subscription with TWC has any effect on ESPN3 on your Xbox 360.

Can you elaborate?

Grown Folks Talk2604d ago

He is correct in that. The ESPN feature is only available if your ISP is a partnered carrier. I used to have Qwest, which is not a partner, but switched to Cox who is. If your internet provider is not an affiliate, you can't access ESPN on the 360.

gamingdroid2604d ago

I was aware that you had to have a supported ISP for ESPN3, which I do not. Maybe I do now, since I have TWC.

Maybe I misunderstood AAACE5, but I understood as he/she cancelled cable TV (not internet) and somehow lost ESPN3....

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Peaceful_Jelly2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

where are the games MS? I need more than 3 triple A exclusives to justify the purchase and you come and add another pay to use service? Come on!

GunShotEddy2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

I bought my PS3 for a blu ray player and now I'm enjoying great exclusives. I bought my Xbox 360 for great exclusives and now it's offering entertainment services.

I won two times, lol.

@kingdoms - There were not a lot of exclusives on the PS3 at first, but it has picked up considerably. The Xbox 360 had many more from launch until last year. One is picking up while the other declines in exclusives. Either way I win. That's all I'm saying.

kingdoms2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

So It's one or the other with the haters? Nice damage control.

Only a sith deals in absolutes.

Max_Dissatisfaction2604d ago

Maybe wait for E3? Its just my opinion, there's really no need to go spreading it around

BeaRye2604d ago

I'd pay, Especially if you get more than IPTV. PS Plus features like exclusive content maybe?

CarnageXB2604d ago

meh, Ill stick to cable. Not interested in watching tv on my xbox and paying more than I already have to

ShyGuy132604d ago

Think I still have my old Diamond card hiding somewhere..

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