The Cole Train to Feature at Xbox's E3 Conference

@XG247: Continuing the madness of all the Spike TV adverts teasing what to expect on Monday, the cole train is ready to go on stage! Who knew he was an avid book reader?

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nCiTy2753d ago

I think thats the dude who used to do the Terry Tate Office Linebacker Commercials for Reebok

VINNIEPAZ2753d ago

Yea its is. Those commercials are funny as hell lol

Fishy Fingers2753d ago

Doesnt really confirm 'he'll' be at the conference. Unless I'm missing something. Funny little vid though.

omi25p2753d ago

thats not the cole trains armour

omi25p2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

why disagree... cole trains armour hasnt got sleeves.

LoaMcLoa2753d ago

He should've killed da fat biatch

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