Bioshock Infinite To Be Presented At Microsoft's Xbox 360 E3 Press Conference? - Irrational Game’s upcoming next entry in the massive Bioshock series may potentially be presented at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, starting 9:30 am – 11:00 am PT on June 6th. A conspicuous tweet left by Geoff Keighley, Host of Spike TV’s GTTV has raised suspicions that Bioshock Infinite may feature at Microsoft’s Presser, with Geoff tweeting that Ken Levine, Creative Director at Irrational Games will speak live with the team about the title, directly after Microsoft’s Press Conference.

”Also, @IGLevine will be with us live on Spike/GT after the Xbox briefing to talk about Bioshock Infinite and show something new! Can’t wait.”

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conjurdevil2724d ago

(timed) exclusive DLC ? nothing more I can expect...

dragunrising2723d ago

Most likely, although I would also speculate that Bioshock Infinite has Kinect functionality. Mass Effect 3 allegedly has "Better with Kinect" on the 360 box art; it was found on EA's own server. We have less than a week to find out.

m232723d ago

Gametrailers has an e3 show right after the MS press conference, that's what he's talking about. They will also show off Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City on the Gametrailers e3 show, so that doesn't necessarily mean they will all be at the MS presser.

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X-Zone2723d ago

I can't say that anybody really cares, Bioshock Infinite does look like a good game but it's going to be dwarfed by everything at Sony's conference.

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Aloren2723d ago

I dunno, but it's dwarfed by your delusions already.

Emilio_Estevez2723d ago

He could just be there after their conference. That could be the scheduled interview. Doesn't mean he'll be talking during said confernece for sure. Either way it won't matter, the game will still be good.