A Human Story: The Surreal Papo & Yo’s First Interview

Only just announced for the PSN, the exclusive title Papo & Yo is set to release on the PS3 next year as a Sony Pub Fund game. To find out more about the game, the story behind the plot and the growth of surrealism in the games industry, we talked to Vander Cabellero, founder and Creative Director of Minority in an exclusive first interview.

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doctorstrange2723d ago

Looks like a great game, excited to see more

T3mpr1x2723d ago

Saw the trailer, it looks very different. Moving buildings by stacking blocks? I'm just glad I'm not addicted to frogs.

BigWoopMagazine2723d ago

I like what he said about it being surreal, and that's what I find appealing here. So many devs and publishers are caught up in realism, when one of the things I really love about video games is doing unrealistic things I'd never pull off in real life.