IGN E3 2011: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Video Preview

We take you deep into two of Resistance 3's hopeless multiplayer maps.

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Queefy_B2756d ago

Multiplayer to this looks awesome like part 1, sinked many hours into it.

MidnytRain2756d ago

I can't wait for the beta; it came with my copy of SOCOM 4. It looks fast-paced and arcadey like Call of Duty, except it looks balanced and fresh.

M-Easy2756d ago

OMG that looks amazing. Hurry up Sept.

BeastlyRig2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I might buy it! just got teh ps3!

Agheil2756d ago

R3 Multiplayer looks pretty sick, i cant wait, this U3, Gears 3, BF3, etc too many good games are coming out this fall

Dead_Cell2756d ago

Mentioning two different console exclusives in a list of good games? I bet your parents are so ashamed of you.

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