TGV: E3 2011 Predictions: Respawn and EA are making a Medal of Honor game

Derek at The Gaming Vault throws in his two cents about EA, Respawn, and a certain franchise that's been mistreated for almost a decade


For the record I'm not making a claim, I'm making a prediction. Predictions are always 50/50 in terms coming true or not. Just ask Michael Pachter. I could be wrong, but I really don't care if I am. That's our job when E3 comes around, to think and predict what crazy stuff is going to happen. These aren't meant to be taken seriously, they're meant to bring another side of thinking to the table.

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Sidology2669d ago

I'd like to see a Medal of Honor game destroy Call of Duty, but I'm way more excited for Battlefield 3.

I_find_it_funny2669d ago

I'm more excited for everything than MW3

Muletroid2669d ago

medal of honor hasn't destroyed anything but itself like ever

LocO_o2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I love Medal of Honor but I think they should rest the franchise for about 2 to 3 years - COD is already the madden of shooters and dont want MOH to follow.

lil Titan2669d ago

im still waiting on the BF3 beta

Dart892669d ago

Lol could you imagine Koticks face if Respawn actually kills cod off:D.

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Herminator2669d ago

Seems about right, I don't think EA would bet on a new IP.

Uncharted3Goty2669d ago

it would be good having the team who made Call of duty 4 ( since they are infity ward Employes) would be Right idea.

Pintheshadows2669d ago

Dear developers,

Please stop with the war simulations and look into your imagination. It would be a nice change of pace.


mendicant2669d ago

Dear developers,

Why not do both? There are plenty of devs out there to spread the love.

There is nothing wrong with giving people more of what they want. I'm all for original, new IP's but I'd be fibbing if said I don't enjoy my sequels. As long as they are good games, who cares?

You don't need to reinvent the wheel everytime you decide to make a game.

Pintheshadows2669d ago

I was being very specific towards the games that are vying for a piece of COD pie. Homefront, MOH etc.

I don't mind sequels either but i'm sure devs could think of something better to do.

mendicant2669d ago

Fair enough. I just don't see the harm in making games that aren't innovative. If there is an audience for "more of the same" with a few tweeks here and there, why not?

Both can be accomplished. There are plenty of devs out there to support both needs.

femshep2669d ago

that would be sweet loved the story of the first one.....but i don't think they would announce it just yet when they need full spped on battlefield.....i suppose they could announce the beta coming with battlefield and give the official trailer at GOTY awards

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The story is too old to be commented.