Introducing a New PSN Exclusive: Papo & Yo

With the PlayStation Network finally back on its feet, and gamers once again able to download games on the PlayStation Store, we can put the whole nasty business behind us and look to the future. Reminding you why the PSN is still the best downloadable platform around, a new PSN exclusive has been announced: Papo & Yo.

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Sunhammer2752d ago Show
femshep2752d ago

Cute!! and slightly disturbing....has my money

anyone else get reminded of astroboy at 1:05?

d0r1en02752d ago

wow. really? i'll pass.

garos822752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

wow you must be the new troll on the block. nice to meet you and say goodbye to your bubbles

OT: i love some challenging puzzle games. last two i really enjoyed on ps3 are tumble and enigmo(mini)

below:soon enough with your "comments" i wont need to listen to more than one of them per article so continue that way

d0r1en02752d ago

I'm no troll sir. this is a comment box, and i posted MY comment. sorry others don't agree. It was an epic video, for what looks to me, like a child game. A monster that eats frogs, and you need to find a cure. hmmm, that or MW3, BF3, R3, ME3, UC3, hmmm, I'll take the later sir.

Crystallis2752d ago

You are a troll. I looked at you comment history and almost every ps3 or NGP article you say "i'll pass". You be the first to have your bubbles dwindle down to 1 in a matter of 1 hour.

Christopher2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Interesting. Even more interesting is a game with heavy Brazilian overtones being developed by a Canadian company.

I did like the one puzzle shown where you move buildings around on a small model and see it being changed in the in-game real world.

rdgneoz32752d ago

Looks to be an interesting puzzle game. Nice to see Sony's Pub Fund helping developers be able to create some nice games.

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The story is too old to be commented.