3 reasons why you should become friends with the 3DS eShop (Bitmob)

The 3DS eShop is launching next week, but why should you care? Here's a hint: free games.

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Sadie21002752d ago

Ah, I don't care about Pokemon at all but a free new Excitebike is pretty rad.

JeffGrubb2746d ago

Pokemon care about you.

Venox20082752d ago

Now I'll have a chance to play Shantae:risky revenge! because I had old DS, not Dsi and I heard that it's perfect game in Metroidvania style! whoohoo! :) + Excitebike & web browser :)

rod_furlong2752d ago

Definitely like a free Excitebike. I still don't see what took so long, though.

DV_Bastian2752d ago

I had more fun looking at Venox's avatar than I did with my 3DS.

illegalyouth2752d ago

Being forced to "buy" currency in chunks is not functionally different than the current, stupid Nintendo points system. Call me when I can buy games in exact change.

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