Rayman Origins confirmed for Holiday release with new screenshots

XMNR: Ubisoft is taking Rayman back to his roots in Rayman Origins, a new adventure due out this Holiday for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

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Yi-Long2753d ago

... but I wish they wouldn't have turned it into a retail-game, but instead would have just kept it as a downloadable title...

Queasy2753d ago

Ehhh...I guess it depends on how much content is there. If it's a full-fledged platformer like New Super Mario Bros Wii or Donkey Kong Country Returns, I'm cool with it being a retail title.

Yi-Long2753d ago

... but if the game is really REALLY good, it could be one of the very best releases on XBLA/PSN and thus be a huge sucess...

... but as a retai-game, it's competing with games which we would consider slightly more 'epic' and 'worthwhile' and such, so I think it would be harder for the game to find as big a market for it that's willing to play fullprice for an old-school platforming game...

As a 1200 pts XBLA it would probably have been a day 1 must-buy.

As a retail-game, it really has to get brilliant scores in order to convince me to pick it up at release, instead of waiting 2-3 months for it to drop in price...

Venox20082753d ago

hey, mate it will have 60 or over 60 levels + 4 player co-op (drop in, drop out) ..I think it will have enough content to be a retail title... good luck ubi with this one..btw it looks gorgeus :)