More Sly 4 hints

STN Writes:

Those of you that have been around the day will no doubt have played the demo of Infamous 2. Well, it looks like Sucker Punch are hinting at the next title in the Sly series again.

In the evil mission from the demo, you find Cole in a square with a cinema and once the film that is playing you ask? Sly 4, followed by a statement of ‘Yes, We Can Can.’

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Abash2753d ago

Just reveal Sly 4 already, Sucker Punch!

Istanbull2753d ago

I'm afraid you have to wait till E3 for that. But god damn, Sly 4 and Jak 4=PS3 Platforming console confirmed! :)

spektical2753d ago

yea they really need to bring back these two franchises, and reveal a real R&C sequel to aCiT

newn4gguy2753d ago

Yeah...look around in the demo. There are like ninety references throughout New Marais.

wotta2753d ago

Does the link work for everyone? works for me but someone says it doesn't work?

Convas2753d ago

Heh heh Heh. It's coming. Just a little while longer, and we'll finally see it. Day one for sure.

Nate-Dog2753d ago

I'm hoping once Infamous 2 is out (and probably has been out a while) SP will finally make a formal announcement about it since SP usually seem to work on one IP at a time, so glad that teaser from The Sly Collection came about though because I really was beginning to think before it that the game was never going to be made.

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The story is too old to be commented.