Sony: 'NGP Development Finished'

NowGamer: Sony has confirmed that work on its next handheld device is complete...

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Dart892725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Yes now we quietly wait for E3 and get a price confirmation.

LocO_o2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

$350 sounds about right.

If rumor of downgrade are true then 250 is the magic number.

VampiricDragon2725d ago

with the downgrade 300 is likely

death2smoochie2725d ago

The NGP must sell for well under $350 to be successful out of the gate. I think Sony knows this and why so many rumors are flying about as to its system downgrade to make it more price friendly.
Look at the Fate the 3DS is going through now at its price point? Now imagine a higher priced hand held coming out?

VampiricDragon2725d ago


the 3ds is kicking the ds's ass at the same point in time.

Active Reload2725d ago

People keep saying price, but I need to know the date also...

firelogic2725d ago

Even with the supposed "downgrade" which we don't know about since they never actually released the original specs pre-downgrade, it's still an absolute BEAST of a machine compared to the 3DS.

How can anyone walk into a store and justify purchasing a 3DS when you see both units side by side, at the same price-point? Unless you're a Nintendo first-party lover, there is no reason to pick up a 3DS.

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TrevorPhillips2725d ago

I am so picking this up DAY 1 :D

liveActionLeveler2725d ago

i really hope we get a price announcement at E3. I just wanna see some videos though; this is just a dream device.

slavish32725d ago

sony always cuts spec before release. i hope ngp will be the 1st they don't! They always release these early specs to get everyone excited then dumb it down. ps2 psp ps3 please sony.... leave ngp alone, leave it alone.... im serious!

STK0262725d ago

Actually, I'm more worried about after release cuts/upgrades, I would not want to exchange my trusty 60GB launch PS3 for some cheaper looking (my opinion anyway) non backward compatible PS3 slim. However, I also remember how I felt when they released the PSP-2000 and my old fat launch PSP model seemed so outdated.

Which means that when the NGP or the PS Vita or whatever it ends up being called launches, I, like many, will have to make a decision, do we buy it now and hope they don't release a slim version in the foreseeable future, or do we wait for the next version and hope they don't cut features from it.

I guess that in the end, the same thing can be said about most new gaming hardware, as the 3DS is bound to have "lite" version down the road, and they did, in the past, cut GB and GBA compatibility.

Crystallis2725d ago

E3 is going to be great this year for Sony!

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The story is too old to be commented.