Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's 'Resurrection' scheduled for June 7th

After many frustrating, albeit completely understandable, delays, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s final DLC, titled ‘Resurrection’, has finally been given an official release date.‘Resurrection’ will be landing on Xbox Live and the PSN on June 7th.

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xYLeinen2753d ago

Can't wait.

Just played reverie today since the store got up again and enjoyed it. A bit short but I'm excited to see what happens.

JBoc9732753d ago

Yeah, this one should be really intense especially with the titan boss fight.

Eamon2753d ago

May I ask, does anyone know if Reverie is out on Xbox 360 yet?

Ahasverus2753d ago

Yeah since long ago man :)

etebitan2752d ago

do i have to buy reverie in order to play this one??