Tekken’s Hwoarang Confirmed For Street Fighter x Tekken

Capcom has released another teaser video of Street Fighter X Tekken. This new video reveals Tekken’s Taekwondo expert, Hwoarang.

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CraigUK2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

freakin' sweet. I used to love Hwoarang, cant seem to use him in T6 though, maybe I will be able to use him in SxT, fingers crossed.

Misterhbk2752d ago

My second favorite character in Tekken behind Steve Fox. Can't wait til we start some of the Tekken version of this.

reznik_zerosum2752d ago

all i want is yoshimitsu =D

CraigUK2752d ago

Misterhbk -

In T5 I was all about the Steve Fox and Hwoarwarg with some Bryan Fury on the side. Can't use any of them anymore.

Kazuya and Lili all the way (Definetly going to use those two in TTT2 if they aren't changed from T6)

reznik_zerosum -

Swords VS fists? Haha I suppose it could be done, Vega and Cody have weapons. Perhaps Yoshi's sword will be droppable. We know he is able to play without his sword because one of his attacks shieths it :D

TroySoul2752d ago

Fingers Crossed on Bryan Fury and Bruce. I'll be great after that

ExitToExisT2752d ago

am i the only one that looked to the thumbnail for 10 sec to figure at what it is :D

xtreampro_REVENGE!2752d ago

I only knew it was Hwoarang because of the article title, everything in the trailer looks like a giant mess and I could barely make out a flippin Human being never mind Hwoarang!

What's with all these stupid teasers nowadays? have developers forgotten how to tease games/characters or what?

RockmanII72752d ago

aww they're using his current outfit, I like his Tekken 3 one much more. I'm still pulling for Eddy and Paul, Eddy has always been my favorite Tekken character and Paul vs Guile is a match made in heaven.

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