Neocrisis: Hunted: The Demon's Forge Review

Neocrisis: Welcome to the dark fantasy world known as Hunted: The Demon's Forge. You are able to switch between Caddoc, a human swordsman and E'lara, a elven female archer. Both of these characters are mercenaries who go searching for a mysterious artifact.

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Christopher2749d ago

I want to play this game, but decided to go with LA Noire and inFamous new and will wait for this to lower in price. It looks like a fun game, though.

This year is really making me make some decisions on what games to buy and what games to hold out on. Just can't afford to buy all the games new.

kramun2748d ago

It's an expensive year for gamers that's for sure. The second half is going to cost me a fortune.

TheColbertinator2749d ago

It turned better than I expected.I might check this out until Skyrim comes out.

Wolfie2749d ago

i bought the game today, coop is so much fun

persistentlobster2748d ago

have you tried split-screen yet? I read in some article that the local coop felt tacked on and incomplete :/ really hope that isn't the case because i've been looking for another good coop game to play with my buds.

VampiricDragon2749d ago

reviews are between 7-8 for the most part

I am so happy this isnt the rpg i thought it was at first

now I am buying it