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Gamers XTREME - Alan Wake Review

In preparation of the new Alan Wake unveiling at E3, one of our staff members decided to go back and review last year's Alan Wake. Find out what his thoughts were after the link!

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MariaHelFutura1885d ago

Yep. Alan Wake is a 9/10. It`s one of the best 360 exclusives.

DarkTower8051885d ago

Review is a bit late to the party though lol.

Inside_out1885d ago

...but it was a great game non the less, pixel counters be damned.

Not many games can draw you in like this game. looks this good...

tigertron1885d ago

I just bought Alan Wake off, hope it lives up to the hype and reviews.

Morgue1885d ago

I know some people gave this game some flack but I was pretty impressed with it.