PSN Goes Down For Maintenance

It seems as if the overload of gamers that are trying all at once to connect to, and download content on the PlayStation Store has been too much for PSN.

Some gamers are already reporting “down for maintenance” notices when they try to login to the network, and our very own Joshua Tompkins is having problems. Don’t worry, however, as we believe this is only temporary and Sony’s sorting the issues as we speak.

However you’d think they’d prepare for this.

Stay tuned for more.

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movements2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

It's because of the overload of people vying to access and download content off the PlayStation Store.. But Sony failed there... They should have prepared for this.

I would say don't sign out...

Vherostar2752d ago

Sony have said on the blog they are increasing the server size to deal with this anyway that might be why its gone down a short while to get new servers online.

Dart892752d ago

Come on guys we knew this would happen with lots of traffic.

Christopher2752d ago

Likely a problem with one or more specific regions of high population. Higher population areas likely have a much higher load at this time and so their regional servers aren't able to handle the load. Other regions more than likely aren't having any issues at all.

Tempjf2752d ago

I'm still at work but I hope this id fixed when I get home, I really want to download Infamous 2 damnit!

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