The Disgusting, Repulsive, Revolting Rise of Game Fanboyism

Console fanboys aren’t the only threat to enjoying games; there’s also the game fanboys, the annoyingly loyal players to a specific video game franchise due to catchy references or gameplay content. Read on after the link for the full reasoning as to why and be sure to comment your thoughts based on the article as well!

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Old McGroin2754d ago

Shove your PS3s and your Xbox 360s up your ar$e, Commadore 64 rules, WOOOOO!!!

jacksonmichael2753d ago

Oregon Trail for game of the century.

Nes_Daze2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Good article, there are game fanboys everywhere, and you can catch the best of it probably in a game's specific community forums.
EDIT: And please people read before you assume this is about consoles.

additup282753d ago

For all the hooplah they cause on the interwebz, I never met an actual fanboy in real life. All of my friends are multi console owners or if not, only have one console for a specific reason (call of duty, mlb show) and are not concerned about gaming outside of that.

i know one world of warcraft player, but since im not familiar with that culture, i dont know if it would be ok to categorize him as a fanboy.

CernaML2753d ago

360 fanboys are definitely the worst at the moment. The comments I read in #sownage made me sick.

nopunctuation2753d ago

"if it wasn't for all the abuse, lies and unfair critism the PS3 received during its first couple of years there wouldn't be hardly any PS3 fanboys"

Yeah 360 fanboys really do like to rub it in. Its easy to fall into their traps when you see them trolling or trying to incite a flame war. I dont think 360 fanboys started this whole thing of fanboyism though, but they did spread it across the internet pretty fast. MAybe PS2 fanboys fueled thier rage before the pre internet days and brought it to the internet. I dont know. What I do know is it is going out of the comments and the forums and going to other areas. Metacritic is bombarded with fanboys who cut the score of exclusive games to a fraction of a point, not to mention Gamestop employees are taking it into the real world and giving people false information on consoles they dont like. It is stupid really. I used to be a raging fanboys. Maybe I still am a ps3 fanboy but I dont act like im fighting a war here. I invested into sony so I dont really owe them anything else. They are the ones who owe me the games and thier support.

Aarix2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

That is utter Bull. The Playstation Fanboys have been all over the xbox 360 before the realease of the ps3 itself. Due to the cocky success of the ps2 the sony fanbase has evolved to a whole new level of arrogance. They bragged over what the ps3 will have and said it will destroy the 360 at launch. Having a $600 price tag and no real games They still bragged over games that will come. You 2 think the 360 fanboys are the worst but from my 6 years of gaming I've never NEVER seen such unbias hypocritical and unruly faboyism from the sony fanbase.

nopunctuation2752d ago

I mentioned that as a possibility. " MAybe PS2 fanboys fueled thier rage before the pre internet days ". You could even go further back to the nintendo vs sega days and argue that is where it really began. From there it was fanboys feeding fanboys I guess. Just an endless cycle.

theIMP2753d ago

LOL, you two are on the wrong web site to be calling out Xbox fanboys. PS3 fanboys are BY FAR the worst on this site. Anyone who denies this is just willfully blind, and borderline delusional.

CernaML2752d ago

Did I say anything about N4G? No. I mentioned the #sownage group on Twitter which was infested with cheerleading 360 fanboys who literally want the Playstation brand dead. LulzSec is receiving donations from these clowns just to support the attacks against Sony.

I don't give two shits about the fanboys on this site. N4G is the last place I would ever take seriously.

However, from my experience on other websites such as Eurogamer and Lens of Truth, 360 fanboys ALWAYS seems to be the most hated.