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Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head Screenshot Comparison! This week we Hunted down the Hunted to see which version can slay it's was to the top of this week Head2Head. So grab your favorite weapon for slaying and come join us as we hack our way through the differences we uncover!"

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Emilio_Estevez2753d ago

Wow, they look almost identical. Nice job there.

MitchGE2753d ago

Graphics are alright, art is neat, and the newest trailer with the Filter cover of Happy Together was cool. I mean, Bethesda put their name on it so it must be go... Oh wait, almost forgot about Rogue Warrior. I'll need to see some reviews for this one before I'm willing to drop $60.

Anon19742753d ago

Too close to call, but then - almost all of their assessments are too close to call, and who even knows if they're right?

I know I'll probably get marked for "trolling", but here's the actual truth. If IGN started calling their reviews "The Truth", people would lose their freaking minds, but this site gets away with it all the time, and their findings in the past have been just as influenced by opinion as any other review.

But what really sticks with me is the arrogance these guys displayed in the face of criticism. Back with the Mass Effect PS3 demo, and I did an article highlighting differences between their comparison and Digital Foundry's - I didn't even say they were wrong and I got a hate filled email from one of their guys who likes to use ALL CAPS to make his point, going on about how their site is the only site that "HAS THE BALLS" to hold developers to account for the good of the entire gaming community.

I don't know about that. It looks to me that you're trying to highlight differences no one would ever notice in-game, while arguing over who has more height to their bumpmaps (bumpier always wins, right?) and being wildly inconsistent on what constitutes a "win". Doesn't really sound like they're doing much of a service to the game buying public to me, but what do I know. To me, pausing a game so you can put a magnifying glass over a scene and pick up a jaggy in a shadow on a rock in the back somewhere just doesn't seem useful to me.

Maybe because I'm old, maybe because in my time there were only a handful of pixels on the screen at one time and that was the game - if a game looks significantly different or runs drastically different, I trust my reviewers to bring that to my attention. If they're so close that you have to pause and put a lens over it - to me it just doesn't matter.

RudeSole Devil2753d ago

Yea they look almost identical. Anyone play it yet? How is it?

Doctolul2753d ago

Its pretty decent, but not fantastic. Very linear without much variety, but swapping between the two play styles alleviates that a bit. Combat is fun at times, cheap at others. Story is rubbish but on the plus side busty women so... *shrug*

Overall its... ok.

Shaman2753d ago

Wow...what a jagged mess...

Holeran2753d ago

One of the closest builds in a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.