JAWS: Ultimate Predator 3DS attacks this fall

JAWS: Ultimate Predator 3DS has been announced by Majesco Games today... yup, the folks behind Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic. It'll be developed by n-Space and also appear on Wii.

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maniacmayhem2757d ago

If it plays anything like Miami Shark then count me in.

Venox20082757d ago

I'll wait for gameplay, could be good game.. :) btw: N-space are good devs (sometimes :D ), they really released some good quality titles.. now there's only one secret game from them.. PLEASE, N-SPACE MAKE GEIST 3DS HAPPEN!!!! :)

tweet752757d ago

maybe it will be a remake of the NES jaws game

DankJemo2757d ago

That's what I am hoping for... The Jaws game on the original NES was the shit!