Battlefield 3 Players' Feet to Be Visible at All Times and New Controls in Rush

Battlefield 3 character's legs will be visible at all times and there will be different controls for changing kits and arming and disarming objectives.

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Surfaced2753d ago

nice to see Mirror's Edge will be influencing the future of the FPS genre.

UnbiasedGamer2753d ago

Many FPS games have feet visible all the time...whats the big deal..just to name one...Halo?

Pretty dumb news though.

Surfaced2753d ago

There was Halo, but what else?

Not many others throughout the past decade.

It's mostly because it can add a billion more animation complications.

But I specifically mentioned Mirror's Edge because DICE also made that.

TurboGamer2753d ago

Dark Messiah: Might and Magic also has feet visible all the time.(2nd place in gametrailers best graphics of 2007 after oblivion, go check it out)

MRHARDON2752d ago

Call of Duty you can't look at your feet :P

limewax2752d ago

Latest Alone in the Dark, Crysis 1 and 2, All Fear games. Im pretty sure even 1 or 2 ps2 games done this

PhantomT14122752d ago

Also Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway.

Klaykid1232752d ago

L4D... not L4D2 though...

kesvalk2752d ago

thief 3 and tribes 2 did that a LONG time ago...

but yeah, a announcement like that in 2011 is very strange...

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Cosmit2752d ago

@ MRHARDON - And you felt the need to bring up COD why?

sickbird2752d ago

you can see your feet in killzone as well

BlackKnight2752d ago

Not to mention DICE made Mirror's Edge....influencing themselves?

jack_burt0n2752d ago

big difference with the way mirrors edge does it, was brilliant immersion, great game.

theonlylolking2752d ago

Mirrors Edge is a great innovative title just like portal. If the immersion of First person will be as good as Mirrors Edge and with BF3 graphics then this game will have one of the best immersion in a video game ever.

TheXonySbox2752d ago

Look at the way he talks "t's mostly because it can add a billion more animation complications" talking like that just discredits yourself.

Billion eh? lol...

Surfaced2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Billion was an exaggeration. Hyperbole.

I have the Mirror's Edge strategy guide, and in the back it has developer interviews.

I'll go fetch it now. Directly from the book:

"But there was still one big, big problem to overcome. [Owen] O'Brien wanted a game using the first-person perspective but, with some notable exceptions - Tresspasser, Breakdown, The Chronicles of Riddick - the view in such games is limited to a gun floating in the middle of the screen. Players can't look down and see their feet. "Technically, the genre known as first-person shooters should be renamed first-gun shooters," jokes Johannes Soderqvist. For DICE's first-person movement game, things would have to be very different. To orient themselves in the world, players would have to be able to see their feet and their hands would always be in the shot.

Senior animator Tobias Dahl was unequivocal: It couldn't be done.[...]

Dahl's attitude wasn't defeatist but based on experience. Creating an animation rig for the character of Faith would be difficult because, for the complex parkour moves to look cool from the player's perspective, her arms and feet would have to be very unrealistically proportioned. For example, her arms would need to be long and attached to narrow shoulders. But for the in-game shadows to look right, there would have to be another realist animation running simultaneously. That would double the amount of animations to be created, and there were going to be hundreds of animations to create."

There's more but I won't bore you.

Anyway, you should be able to detect everyday rhetoric devices like hyperbole. It seems most people here understood what I meant.

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wwm0nkey2753d ago

Thank god it wont be B to pick up kits and arm the bomb, that got annoying.

DanSolo2752d ago

definately mate, I was just playing Rush about 10 minutes ago and went to arm the bomb and picked up an engineers kit instead lol

xYLeinen2753d ago

Guess Rush is confirmed for BF3 then >_>

captain-obvious2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

so ?
whats wrong with rush ??
i like it

xYLeinen2752d ago

I don't mind rush.

I was just skeptical if they would bring rush from a sub franchise to the actually BF franchise. I'm glad they did tho, but not sure what old BF fans think of taking things from BC series.

captain-obvious2752d ago

Rush is a great game mode
its tactical and requires team play + it utilizes alot of game mechanics in a great and fun way

i dont remmeber any other games doing it before so its innovative

its like capture that flag with a twist to it

all of this means its a great mode and should be in all BF games from now on

if Old BF fans dont like it
then thats nothing but trying to be ""retro cool"" which sucks TBH

they need to get with the times and realize how great rush is as a game mode

if they dont
its fine they can play other things its not like they are forced to
they can chose other modes

but saying that rush is running BF is just stupid

CarnageXB2752d ago

This is great. For some reason I always look down in game to see my feet. Im always wondering why im levitating

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