THQ Releases Another Screen For Metro Last Light

THQ have released another screenshot for the game.

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BubbleSniper2756d ago

This is why I own a PC. Just from this screen shot, if faithful to the game @ retail is the reason I have upgraded so heavily.

The simple screen shot shown here is remarkable to say the least.

BeastlyRig2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I hope it will beat itself!

Metro Last Light will be awsome! & it makes me want Stalker 2 even more!

Breadisgood2756d ago

Yeah Metro 2033 had quality graphics and although there's nothing really to suggest that this pic is even in-game, I'm sure the sequel will have badass graphics as well.

Kakkoii2756d ago

Nothing to suggest it's in-game graphics? Yeah there is, just look at the foliage. That's not cinematic foliage, that's typical in-game foliage rendering.

Depth of field isn't too new of an in-game effect, and it works great in DX11.