L.A. Noire Makes the "Cool List" in Stuff Magazine writes: "Stuff magazine does a feature that lists the coolest stuff on the planet over the past year, and this time L.A. Noire made it on the elite list! L.A. Noire was in good company with items and gadgets such as the MacBook Air from Apple, the slimline Samsung D8000 3D LED TV, GarageBand for iPad and several more."

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Menech2459d ago

Never even heard of Stuff Magazine am guessing it's American?

Lekumkee2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Doesn't mean jack sh*t. "Stuff" magazine is an ad infested magazine, it only exist to advertise shit. I've seen deodorants in the cool section of "Stuff" magazines before. This is not taking away from the good game that is LA Noire but being featured in "Stuff" magazine doesn't mean sh*t.

zeeshan8102458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

RockstarNetwork why do you disagree with us? -____- smh @RockstarNetwork (stylez84, & IllusionMPN)!

nopunctuation2459d ago

LA Noire is a pretty cool guy.