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TheGamingExperience puts on their imagination Viking Helmet and gets medieval on people!

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Max_Dissatisfaction2699d ago

Pretty sure this game is not on PS3...RPG console this gen goes to 360, who would have thought?

jdfoster002699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Fuck me you must be some either A fanboy or B incredibly stupid to rate this 4/5 this has averaged below 50% on every review base except for this one... Troll... This is an awful game! Awful! 4/5 ? Please no one take notice of this review!

And why have you taged this PC AND PS3?

TheGamingExperience2699d ago

Neither fan boy nor stupid. If you look at the game from the standpoint we did, then you would understand.

TheGamingExperience is made up of GAME DEVELOPERS, whether independent or AAA, we all stand by our reviews.