UK Resistance 3 demo next month

The July 11 UK Blu-ray release of Battle: Los Angeles will come bundled with a code granting access to a Resistance 3 demo.

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omi25p2666d ago

Can you get in normally or do you have to buy the movie or socom 4. Because at the moment the only thing that will make me buy this game is a demo.

Pacman3212666d ago

Pretty sure the only way to get the demo early is to buy the Blu-ray of Battle: Los Angeles or through Socom 4. But the demo will definitely release for everyone, this is just for people who want the demo early, like with the God of War demo that came with GOW collection.

Ninver2666d ago

can't wait for R3. So many AAA exclusives, i think i'm in heaven.

chidori6662666d ago

Resistance 3 is my most anticipated FPS 2011.

claterz2666d ago

Me too, forget generic MW3 and BF3 lol.
Resistance 3 is gonna be so good!

Cloudberry2666d ago

And I'm actually not an FPS gamer either.

Michael-Jackson2666d ago

I'm getting Resistance 3 but Battlefield 3 is my most anticipated, the PC footage looks promising.

Zynga2666d ago

Don't care, bring it to the psn instead.

Blaze9292666d ago

This on the blu ray or is a code included? If on the disc, I'll just rent then

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