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I come to you today as a man who has killed many, many street performers.

I can't even pretend to be ashamed of this. In fact, after I've concluded this "article", I'm probably going to wade back in and finish off a few more. Can you blame me? It's great to see trust fund percussionists winging through the air, launched from those stupid plastic drum kits, and it's a pleasure to knock human statues off their wonky-apple-box perches.

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zootang2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I think we all expected this from Eurogamer. Next up, Edge.

The article read like a 9, they hardly gave any criticism.

iamnsuperman2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I personally given up on review scores. They tend to come out too quickly and do not fully review the game (best example RDR with all its bugs). It is a good score but I expect many varieties of scores from 7-9 in the next week. Best advice download the demo and try it out.

Zir02723d ago

You do realise the early reviews were high ONLY because they were early right?

8 will likely be the overall average of the game.

manumit2723d ago

ohhh Zir0 does have a point which is sad (Crysis, Mortal Kombat, God Of War3,) but 8 is still awesome, they review it well.

Baba19062723d ago

good review, the demo is fuuuuun. =D cant wait to play this.

Baka-akaB2723d ago

more like what you'd wish for the game anyway ... that or way below

Boody-Bandit2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I could care less what any site rates this game. The original was the biggest sleeper hit I have played this generation for me personally. Far and away the most fun game I have played in years.

The demo for Infamous 2 takes this new franchise to another level and is so much more polished over the original. So again, for me personally, this game looks like it's shaping up to be an 11.

6/7/11 cant get here fast enough!

OneSneakyMofo2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Eurogamer: 8/10
European English to American English translation: 10/10

Ju2723d ago

An 8 from Eurogamer is actually a great score. They hardly give any game above that level.

wsoutlaw872723d ago

@JU ya according to metacritic they average 7.4 points lower than the average reviewer

YodaCracker2723d ago

@Ju: "An 8 from Eurogamer is actually a great score. They hardly give any game above that level."

Yes they do. Just this year:

June 1 - El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (9/10)
May 27 - Frozen Synapse (9/10)
May 20 - The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings (9/10)
May 20 - DiRT 3 (9/10)
April 20 - Section 8: Prejudice (9/10)
April 19 - Portal 2 (10/10)
March 18 - Tomb Raider Trilogy (9/10)
March 11 - Total War: Shogun 2 (9/10)
March 3 - Pokemon: Black & White (9/10)
March 3 - Beyond Good & Evil HD (9/10)
February 23 - Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (9/10)
February 22 - Bulletstorm (9/10)
February 4 - SpaceChem (9/10)
January 25 - Dead Space 2 (9/10)
January 19 - Best of the Mac App Store (9/10)
January 6 - Raskulls (9/10)
January 6 - ilomilo (9/10)
January 4 - LittleBigPlanet 2 (9/10)
January 3 - Mobile Games Roundup (10/10)

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chidori6662723d ago

inFamous 2 looks smoother in places, but not a huge improvement of first game...

gustave1542723d ago

do you even know what you are talking about? Eurogamer gave the first inFamous a 7/10 and this got an 8/10 so its definitely an improvement...

dgonza402723d ago

Thats weird.. i didnt know you played the whole game already.

How was it, chidori666?

On a serious note, the graphics alone are a huge improvement... couple that with a larger variety of powers, enemies, and actors.. it seems like an improvement.

(kind of ironic since i havent played the game either, but the people following InFamous 2 know what im saying lol)

kikizoo2723d ago Show
Headquarters112723d ago

5 more days! Another great exclusive....

Still have to buy Motorstorm Apocalypse

divideby02723d ago

same as the IGN article... read it and the score is no way reflected in the write up.. in both articles, the game is praised and so few negative items are mentioned...
its like they dont wanna score the game as good as their writeups are.....

btw.. just d/l the demo from the US PS store... demo to me is at least a 9

Istanbull2723d ago

Eurogamer is anti Sony, never forget this fact. Never forget their cheap low scores for great PS3 exclusives when "PS3 bashing" was popular in 2007-2008.

Never trust these infamous manipulative sites, they're giving good scores just because PS3 is doing good now, but I can assure you they wouldve given this game a 6 or 7 if the PS3 was doing badly.

yume-k2723d ago

@the turkish bull above...

lol I still remember that pm you send me...

you said you would even sell your mom just to touch the NGP lol you're 31 and you still act like that......seriously are you that desperate?

death2smoochie2723d ago

Istanbull are you for real?
Next you will add to the conspiracy that MS paid Eurogamer not to give Infamous 2 a 10/10....

redDevil872723d ago

The IGN write up was pathetic. So unimformative and empty. Looks like it was written in 10 mins.

sayonara892723d ago

First got 7 on this site so great score.

Venjense2723d ago

The first got a 7!? That's messed, the first is one of my favourite games this gen - 9 forsure.

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