EA 'certain' Battlefield will overtake Call of Duty commercially

EA says the balance of power in the first person shooter market is shifting away from Activision's genre leading Call of Duty series to its own "champion", Battlefield.

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Jio2728d ago

No, the main market of Call of Duty is children, they will not be buying Battlefield 3. Some people just don't recognize a good game.

jeseth2728d ago

You just showed you know absolutely nothing about the target demographic of military shooters. Congratulations.

The majority of players in online FPS games are adult males from 18-35. Kids, in any online community, stand out because they usually always have mics and love letting you know about it where more adults will just shut mics off (unless on a team) and mute everyone that is annoying.

Also, calling Call of Duty a "bad" game means you are just a COD hater (that probably buys it anyways). If BF was as popular as COD the roles would be reversed. There would be this niche underground movement (like there is with BFBC, KZ, etc.) to campaign that the less popular game is "way betterz" than the other. Sadly COD has set the online MP bar and no one in the forseeable future and no one will knock them off.

I am very much looking forward to BF3. The game looks awesome and I like the series. I'm not going to put on my blinders though and say MW3 doesn't also look awesome and fun.

Some people just don't remember games are meant to be fun.

captain-obvious2728d ago

it looks like it IS true
EA talks more about COD than activision does

jaosobno2728d ago

Actually I believe Jio was right. Most of the time, game is played by either 12 year olds or frat boys which basically have a mindset of a 12 year old, so it's basically the same thing.

R_aVe_N2728d ago

That is not really true for everybody. I say COD is a bad game, and never buy that trash. COD games are a rental at most or I play them at a friends house they happens to have it. There are tons of kids on COD. You can not deny that fact. Even more annoying are the adults that are just as bad as the kids. I do agree that BF is a much better series in my opinion, and I will stick to that for my FPS needs.

jeseth2728d ago


I agree with everything you said. And I hope no one mistakes me for some kind of COD apologist I just can't stand the crazy fanboyism against COD. It has reached 360/PS3 fanboy level.

People also don't take into account, COD is a household name. A "casual" gamer could walk into my house and see me playing : Medal of Honor, Homefront, SOCOM, Battlefield, etc. and they usually would ask ... "Are you playing COD?" That sound simple but there is a ton of power in that people see military shooters and immediately think COD.

Also, when a game sells 8-9 million copies (COD)on each console you are going to run into a lot more kids/idiots/frat boys/etc. than you are on a game that sells maybe 2 million (BF).

I'm all about people playing what they like but the blind COD hate is just as childish IMO as the people they are making fun of who play it. I think the warzone mode in Killzone is the best MP shooter mode there is but I don't play KZ as much because most of my friends play COD and SOCOM. I play to have fun with my friends and I think people like us (gaming enthusiasts) are the minority. I probably have as many games for my PS3 as all my friends combined. BF is great and COD is great. Play what you like.

R_aVe_N2728d ago


I agree the blind COD hate is kind of stupid. That is just something we have to deal with on sites like this. It is very hard to find a good set of people to play games with these days honestly. That is the reason my friends list on my PS3 is very small. I honestly don't want BF to turn into COD duty. I want the game to remain a high quality product.

retrofly2728d ago

Another COD fan here and I'm 27. I have a casual XBOX clan and our ages range from 22 to 40, we play everything from Forza, to COD to BF:BC2, but mainly MW2/Blops at the mo.

There seems to be a tendancy to to tar all COD players with the same brush wich irk's me some what. Seeing as I'm a COD player but also play FPS which are far more mature than COD and BF, like ARMA and Red Orchestra.

There are problems with COD and these should be voiced, but its the blind hatred bullshit that needs to stop.

IMO COD offers the best casual pick up and play FPS multiplayer there is out there, this is not only reflected in sales but also in online activity. Last time I checked there were 4 COD games in the top 20 (BO, MW2, COD4 & [email protected]) and 0 BF games.

People have opinions of games thats fine, just make sure when you start having a rant about who plays them make sure you get your facts right first.

Breadisgood2728d ago


Well said man.

As you've pointed out - there's a ridiculous number of people that play CoD so there's naturally going to be more kids AND more adults. It's just that the kids are the ones that you remember because they were the ones screaming down the mic for no apparent reason.

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EVILDEAD3602728d ago

'No, the main market of Call of Duty is children'

Not even close to the truth...

Call of Duty series has the top 2 selling games on both the PS3 and 360 of all time.

You don't get to 10-12 Million sold on a game with an ESRB of Mature with a MAIN market being children.

We hear all the sweeping biased statement all the time because the popular thing on the internet is to hate on the Call of Duty series (mainly because of Activision &the MW2 debacle)

But log off and real gamers know that EVERYONE (not literallly) plays Call of Duty before ANY title. It's one of those games that has the biggest mass appeal.

As for BF3..look we get looks phenominal..but just because people play and love Call of Duty does not make them non-gamers or children..

Just my take


retrofly2728d ago

Here here, why is it people defending COD always come back with a logic argument, but haters just spout things they've heard other people say.

Maybe the COD gamers are the mature ones and the BF fans are all school children fanboys?

becuase with all the COD hate they aren't showing themselves in a very good light.

Breadisgood2728d ago


It's "cool" to hate whatever is the most succesful. It's like that with anything, not just games.

superrey192728d ago

I cannot wait for bf3, but I still think mw3 will win as far sales are concerned. I've pointed out the problems with the cod franchise to some of my friends and they simply don't care, which is sad.

Solidus187-SCMilk2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

but the fact is that FPS are currently the most popular type of game, regardless of age. FPS have been my favorite type of game since I was 7 in 1993 and Ive noticed that this generation FPS have been increasing in popularity on consoles by a huge margin.

It doesnt matter what ages the games are made for, fact is that all ages play games, and FPS are currently the most popular types of game across all ages, except maybe not really really young kids(under that age of 7 maybe).

In regards to this article, BF 3 will never sell as much as COD, sad but true. Id say that just the 360 version of COD MW3 will out sell all versions of BF combined. Not being a dick, but I know how popular COD is. Im not really down with COD anymore but there is no denying that it is the most popular game right now.

Inside_out2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I feel sorry for EA, they said the same thing about MOH...O_o. Wait till they lose the lawsuit with Activision. Those E-mails Activision has are going to sink EA for at least 200 million.

COD Elite just kicked EA and Dice in the side of the head. Once Activision started the hype train for MW3, Battlefield was dead in the water...they are no match for COD. Battlefield when it's not trying to copy COD, has game play as old as health packs.

COD is the people's champ. That is why it's going to be the game that defined this generation of gaming and in case you haven't noticed, this gen is coming to an end.

I'm not saying battlefield is going to be a bad game, it's not and will have good sales...about HALF what COD will have. COD has the right balance of game play and there is nothing the haters can do about it.

Can't wait for the live game play reveal ON CONSOLES at E3. I still haven't seen the console version of Battlefield...why are they hiding it???

BTW...there is as many younger gamers playing COD as there is older gamers. The more younger gamers, the better it will be for Activision going forward.

BeastlyRig2728d ago

has EA not deliver more games & quality than activision over the last 3 years?

EA - Next year mass effect 3!
Activision - Next year Call of duty again..

lil Titan2728d ago

i dont think BF will be commercial, the main reason why games like COD are commercially a success is because they are easy to play. Look at Halo, its not a hard game to play, its a simple pick up and go game. COD is the same while BF you can pick up and go but not so fast. theres a learning curve to playing battlefield and with the bullet drop in BF3 i dont think i would expect kids to understand if you look at a target and shoot it from a far range it doesnt mean your gonna hit your target. they wont understand you have to shoot higher to hit your target. thats my 2 cents on why i think its not but for whatever reason i hope BF doesnt go TOO commercial. i dont want to pay for stupid map packs that i could have had at launch its just that the developers are greedy and what my $15 for the next 3 packs

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Quagmire2728d ago

Real gamers will buy Battlefield 3.

The Meerkat2728d ago

Real gamers will buy both.

Pillville2728d ago

Real gamers are tired of Pew, Pew, Pew and will buy neither.

The Meerkat2728d ago

Fair point.

I'll probably get them but spend most of my time with Skyrim, Forza 4 and Gears 3

jeseth2728d ago

Pillville and Meerkat . . .

Agree with you both. The plethora of games this fall and winter are seriously making it hard to commit to any one game for a long time....

Skyrim will consume me.

Solidus187-SCMilk2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Id have to say im getting tired of having so many FPS and having so many modern war FPS that all seem very similar to me.

later this year Ill be getting Dark souls, gears 3, uncharted 3, and skyrm before I even consider playing COD or Battlefield.

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dragonyght2728d ago

that remain to be seen after they actually show Battlefield 3 running on console

B-radical2728d ago

Yeah but it will more then likely look alot better then call of duty the bad company games sure did

terrordactyl2728d ago

I think they're right. I've always prefered BF to COD

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