Saints Row: The Third -- new in-game screens

THQ's released a few handfuls of new in-game screenshots from Saints Row: The Third.

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Dee_912749d ago

I thought they canceled this ?

Dee_912749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

yea there was a article on here about it a while back

goes to show people can post all types of crap here ...

Raider692749d ago

I never played niether of them to the end due to the poor performance on Saints row.The games graphics here average,poor framerates and the screen tearing in does games were horrible.I hope this time is different,but im still septic.

RavageX2749d ago

Maybe if you had tried to you know, actually PLAY you might have realized the game is fun.

Games aren't all about graphics.

WetN00dle692749d ago

And no, Saints Rows graphics were far from average, in its time it was a graphical beast! Saints 2 improved a little but not by much still it didnt stop it from being way more entertaining than GTA 4. There is no doubt that Saints Row:TT will up the bar in every way possible!

Danielmccue2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Graphical beast?

...... really?

even in its time its graphics were average at best.

WetN00dle692749d ago

Actually no, San Andreas had been the last Sandbox title to have been released and Saints Shit all over that title in every way possible! So yeah id say Saints Row was the first TRUE next gen Sand Box game and it had great graphics. Saints Row brought alot of new in game mechanics that had not been seen before in this type of game. MANY of which were brought in to GTA4.